Outdoor Agility and Private Dog Park Reservations


This is an option for trainers who are registered users, have attended and paid for registration and have been preapproved to access the private agility area and/or dog park.


All who access these areas are required to attend a yearly orientation, agree in writing to abide by the rules, regulations and guidelines, sign the required forms once per year and book sessions and pay online.  This is a private area and not to be used by anyone who does not have approval.

For Registered Users:

To Access Your Registration Information and Make a Booking


To Sign Up and Request An Orientation

(required before bookings can be made)




For more information on the Agility Area please contact Pam

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Email: training@4paws4love.com
Telephone:  (816) 265-0660

Please Note:  

All classes and/or sessions require dogs to show proof of up to date vaccinations or titers equivalent of!



Sorry we are not a boarding facility.  

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