Conformation Handling Class (this class is primarily for handlers who want to learn how to show in confomation and/or need to improve their handling skills)


In this class plan on learning how to move better, stack a dog in 3 seconds, free bait, and other training techniques.


Be prepared to trade dogs, "rent" a trained dog and other unique options to improve a handler's conformation showing techniques.


Handlers will be critiqued and should welcome constructive criticism.


Please request to join Camp Claircrest Facebook Group should you be interested in classes and their schedules.


Typically a four (4) week session, the cost being $70 for pre-enrollment.  Pay per day is $20.  If offered as a Saturday Seminar the cost is typically $50.


This class is limited to no more than six (6) handlers at a time.


If you or a club is interested in a seminar offsite please contact us!

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Telephone:  (816) 265-0660

Please Note:  

All classes and/or sessions require dogs to show proof of up to date vaccinations or titers equivalent of!



Sorry we are not a boarding facility.  

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