Dog Grooming!


We believe dog grooming is a primary care function of taking good care of your dog and a sanitary requirement!  We offer grooming onsite, limited mobile grooming and in some situations grooming at a location of your choice.  


You may call us at (816) 265-0660 or text (816) 265-1384.

General Grooming Price List

With all the various mixed breeds/doodle breeds this is a GENERAL guideline but until the groomer sees the coat type and condition,

it is challenging to determine the amount of effort and time it may require.  


Bath Only: 

Includes Bath, Dry, Brush, and Ears Cleaned

Small Dog (under 20lbs) - $30             

Medium Dog (20-45lbs) - $45

Large (over 45lbs) - $40                       

Extra Large (over 90lbs) - $50+


Bath and Trim (medium to long coats):

Includes Same Services As Bath Plus Trimming Feed and Other Areas Per Breed Specifics, As Needed and Per Request(s)

Small Dog (under 20lbs) - $35             

Medium Dog (20-45lbs) - $45

Large (over 45lbs) - $70+                     

Extra Large (over 90lbs) - $80+


All Over Cut  (such as but not limited to poodles, doodles, etc.):

Includes:  Same As Bath Plus An All Over Cut

Small Dog (under 20lbs) - $45        

Medium Dog (20-45lbs) - $55-60

Large (over 45+lbs) - $70-100            

Extra Large (over 90lbs) - $100+  


Nail Clip Only - $10                         

File Nails - $12


Extra charges may be added onto listed prices at the groomer’s discretion for difficult dogs, dematting,

excessive matting, shave downs, deshedding, special cuts (clean feet/face, poodle cuts, etc.)


Please Note:  All discounts and pricing are at the Groomer’s discretion!

All dogs are required to be up to date on their DHLPP and Rabies vaccinations or a titer that displays they are protected.  We recommend Bordetella (Kennel Cough) but do not require it.  Proof may be emailed by your vet or the caretaker (prior  to the booking) to


Customer Grooming Form

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Telephone:  (816) 265-0660

Please Note:  

All classes and/or sessions require dogs to show proof of up to date vaccinations or titers equivalent of!



Sorry we are not a boarding facility.  

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