Intro To Basic Agility Skills



This class that will introduce you and your dog to various skills and obstacles you would use in agility.  Classes are typically offered spring and fall.


A variety of things will be offered:  Tunnels, wobble board, planks, cones, low single jumps to insure things are safe for all the dogs.  The goal is to show how you can have fun with your dog and at the same time build both confidence and a stronger bond between you and your dog.


Recall, stay and targeting and other basic obedience will also be reviewed.


Dogs will be kept on leash and have to be old enough their growth plates are closed, typically but depending on the breed 12-14 months.


This is the first of two classes to be preapproved to use the agility area.


Session is:  6 week class $100

For schedules and more information please visit:


Equipment Required:  

  • Buckle and/or Nylon Slip Collar with 6' Leash

  • Or a 6' Slip Leash

  • 15-20' Long Leash

  • Small Preferably Soft Treats

  • Dog that is ready to train without being fed recently and has been offered time to relieve themselves

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Telephone:  (816) 265-0660

Please Note:  

All classes and/or sessions require dogs to show proof of up to date vaccinations or titers equivalent of!



Sorry we are not a boarding facility.  

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